Donald Danforth Plant Science Center: PlantCV Challenge

The Challenge

PlantCV is composed of modular functions in order to be applicable to a variety of plant types and imaging systems. The initial release of PlantCV contains base functions that are required to examine images from an excitation imaging fluorometer (PSII), visible spectrum camera (VIS), and near-infrared camera (NIR). We are continuing to develop PlantCV and encourage input from the greater plant phenomics community. Please post questions and comments HERE.

To encourage use of PlantCV and the public data sets we generate, we will post an image processing or function development challenge for the community at least once a year (likely more often so check back!). Open challenges are in green in the sidebar and closed challenges are in black. Data will still be available after challenges are closed so you can still work on them for fun.

The Winnings

The winnings vary depending on the complexity of the challenge so be sure to check what the winnings are on each challenge.

Happy image processing!
Malia and Noah
The PlantCV Development Team