Plant phenotyping using computer vision


2018-06-25: The PlantCV v3.0.dev1 release now includes image color profile standardization tools to improve your phenotyping workflows 10.1101/354274.
2017-12-01: PlantCV v2 peer-reviewed manuscript at PeerJ.
2017-09-06: PlantCV v2.0 Release! Check out PeerJ Preprint.
2017-04-06: Follow us on twitter for more frequent updates about new additions to @plantcv.
2017-03-24: With the PlantCV v2.0 release, the dev (v2.0) and master (v1.0) branches will be merged. See our updating and contributing guides.
2015-10-05: The PlantCV paper (final formatted version) is now available at Molecular Plant (
2015-06-09: The PlantCV paper has been submitted to Molecular Plant (PlantCV preprint).
2015-02-09: Documentation for available FLU pipeline functions are complete.
2015-02-05: Documentation for available VIS pipeline functions are complete.
2014-12-18: PlantCV on github is now available to the public!