Donald Danforth Plant Science Center: PlantCV Challenge

Challenge 2017: Just a warm up.

This challenge is open: 03/30/17

This challenge will close : 05/01/17

The Challenge:

Use PlantCV to process your favorite plant image!

What/Where to Submit:

  1. Name
  2. Plant type
  3. Camera type
  4. PlantCV pipeline script used to process image
  5. Original image
  6. PlantCV output images
  7. What you do (e.g. plant scientist, computer scientist, cat sitter, student, vegetable sculpture artist etc.)

Submit entry to with the subject line “Challenge 2015: Just a warm up”

Have problems installing PlantCV? Let us know here, that way we can keep track of any issues.

How We Judge:

  1. The more difficult the original image the better (lots of background etc.)
  2. Of course, the better the plant detection the better.

The Winnings:

Besides PlantCV fame, the best processed image gets a $25.00 amazon gift card. Perfect for buying more books on computer-vision for the next challenge.